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K9 Natural Freeze Dried Lamb Green Tripe Feast Topper For Dogs-(D100-11013)

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Lamb Green Tripe Topper

Top up your dog’s dinner with K9 Natural's grass-fed 100% lamb green tripe. Packed full of natural probiotics, it’s truly unique and the stuff that doggy dreams are made of.

They’ll love the taste and love you for it!


  • 100% New Zealand Grass-Fed Lamb Tripe
  • Daily Natural Supplement to support digestive health
  • Grain-Free
  • Comes in 200 g / 7 oz Pack


  • Maintaining & supporting healthy digestion
  • A boost to the immune system
  • Supports a healthy skin & coat condition
  • Encourages a dog's appetite - dogs love the taste
  • Helps sooth gastrointestinal upsets
  • Great for dogs with seasonal outdoor allergies


New Zealand Grass-fed Lamb Green Tripe


 Dog Size   Cups
Small Dog (5-10 kg / 11-22 lb) 1/4 cup
Medium Dog (11-25 kg / 23-55 lb) 1/2 cup
Large Dog (over 25 kg / 55 lb) 1/2 + cup

To use K9 Natural Boosters simply sprinkle over your dog's current diet.

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