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Petsochic Leather Dog Harness-Y-(D307-05-G00085)

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Petsochic Leather Dog Harness-Y

Ideal for your daily walks or hiking, this harness is made for all dogs, regardless of their size. This harness is approved by vets and prevent to have back and neck problems: Indeed, our Y-harnesses rest on the bone structure rather than soft tissue to avoid compressing the dog. These harnesses were designed and validated by canine osteopaths.
Size Neck Chest
XS 29-34 cm 40-48 cm
S 33-43 cm 45-55 cm
M 38-48 cm 55-65 cm
L 45-55 cm 60-70 cm
XL 53-63 cm 60-80 cm
XXL 58-68 cm 70-90 cm
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SKU D307-05-G00085
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Brand Petsochic